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Friday, August 24, 2012

Tip on fitness

                                                                    Tip on fitness

Be versatile.  If one misses their daily workout,  don’t fret, you can still squeeze  something in. Watch one of your favorite TV shows and do favorite moves during the commercial breaks, such as: lunges, squats, crunches—mix it up.

    Reports show that even a minimum  of exercise can affect the mood-controlling parts of your brain. Be creative.  The next time you have a hard  day, exercise  and have a nutritious meal.
    Training sessions can get a little monotonous. Replace the treadmill for s run or walk in a park, if one lives by a safe one, and or  explore your neighborhood. If one doesn’t feel like running, hiking or swimming might be an option.
    Join an athletic club or organize a day for you and your friends to play a game of basketball.  Have no concerns about not being a great athlete, one burns calories whether one plays well or not.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Weights Loss

                                                                       Weights Loss

“Your mind is your best leverage for transforming your body and your life,” says best-selling author, Jon Gabriel, and I completely agree.

Diets and exercise programs work great for the few, but after you stop the program, many people yo-yo back and regain all the lost weight.

Why is that?

Jon says that your body puts on weight to protect you from real or perceived dangers in your life. Things like stress, trauma, etc.

You may recall Jon on the TODAY Show or heard him on Coast to Coast radio as he is become a leading authority on non-diet weight loss.

Jon’s mind-body method makes a lot of sense, and more importantly, it’s worked for thousands of people.

Jon says: “When you find out the real causes of your weight gain, change is natural and easy.”